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New harvesting activity in the Bosque Village

Brian FeyBrian Fey, Cultural Designer
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A recent visitor expressed her interest in harvesting.
And now, I will have a harvesting activity year round in the Bosque because visitors like to harvest.
The activities will vary widely according to the season.
For example the mushroom season is coming now with the rains and we can pick them, eat them and dry them for use in other parts of the year.

For me, harvesting is not the interesting part. I barely care. The puzzle for me is how to produce, and how to preserve food. It is nice to see the happy faces of people learning a different way of shopping for their food!

In this video we harvest:
Tomatoes, normally people grow those in greenhouses here, but I am against greenhouses. I am learning how to produce surplus!
Nopales, a magic wonderful food! There are a couple thousand plants.  Four kinds grow here though most are of one type.
Avocados. This time of year I have more than I can eat. I don{t know a way to preserve them.
Tunas, not the fish, the fruit of the nopales. They vary. They can be fermented with honey to make a prickly pear mead. 
Capulines. A native cherry. 
Bamboo. These pieces are for decoration and for reproduction. The shoots are also edible, but with so little water we will have to make more bamboo before they are a food source. I am more interested in them as a building supply.
Pine needles for tea,  Rich in vitamin C.


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Brian Fey
Brian Fey
Cultural Designer